FCI exists to promote the health and well-being of families. 

Typically, the response to children with difficult behaviors or mental illness is to focus services on the individual child struggling; however, we believe children and youth heal in the context of a family. For families to be healing environments where children and youth can thrive, the family must first be whole emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Foster Care Initiatives offers innovative trainings and support resources that focus on wrapping around the the entire family. 

Training Classes

FCI believes that the “experts” children and youth most need to heal are their parents. We value the expertise parents bring to the child welfare sector and seek to build on the strengths and passions of parents to encourage and equip them as they build home environments where children can thrive . We host in-depth, biblically rooted, trauma training designed by foster/adoptive parents for foster/adoptive parents. We also have a 12 week parenting class for mothers whose children are at-risk or currently in the foster care system.

Case Management

FCI journeys step-by-step with biological families whose children have been removed by child protective services or are at-risk of removal. If you have experienced child welfare involvement, we know it can be a very frightening time. Our case managers offer support, advocacy, tools, community support, and parenting classes and believe that even the darkest situations can experience healing and hope.

Family Coaching

Foster Care Initiatives provides in-home coaching to biological, foster, and adoptive families who are struggling with parenting children who have experienced trauma or loss. Our coaches have experience parenting children who have overcome trauma and are trained with an understanding of biblical counseling, attachment challenges, developmental trauma and various tools parents can integrate into their family.



Grace Focused Parenting
Help children and teens with challenging behaviors and at the same time make sure we are creating space in our home and live to experience God's rest, joy, and comfort.    

Transitioning Home
Look at very practical ways to support your child/teen transition into their new forever home.

Grief and Loss
Grief and Loss is a large part of foster parenting.  Join us for a time of encouragement, support, and communal lament in the midst of painful situations.

Environment’s Impact on the Brain
In this class we will discuss practical tools for working with families and individuals who are overcoming the impacts of trauma.

Understanding the Wounded Heart
Helps foster parents understand the various types of trauma and how this impacts the children they care for. 

The Power of Connection
Helps foster parents understand the importance of connecting with children in care and helping them feel as though they belong. 

A Parent's Healing Journey
This course walks parents through the effects that their own traumas and wounds have on the way they parent.  This training has a strong faith based emphasis. 

Beyond PSMAPP: From Theory to Reality
This training helps to educate foster parents in trauma, understand connection, and understand real life ways to meet the needs of the children they care for.